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Non-stop Climbing Wall

Freedom Climber ~ No ropes, no harness, no heights!

This revolutionary rotating wall allows you to try your hand at climbing whilst staying only a few feet from the ground.  It’s completely safe and a great way to discover a new sport whether young or old!

A fun way to keep fit or a real alternative to full gyms that fits on a 8ft x 8ft wall – Freedom Climbing is the new strong!  Suitable for bedroom walls, commercial gyms, apartment blocks, office and retail centres. If you’d like us to install a wall  contact james@ntltp.com

How far can you climb on 3 minutes?
For those looking to challenge themselves, why not see how long you can climb on our never ending wall?

Climb Longer ‘n’ Stronger – Real activity working more muscles in a fun intensive workout!


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    GREAT ADDITION TO ANY OFFICE – If you have an 8ft x 8ft wall…

    Want to inspire your team?

    Create a new energy in the office with a Freedom Climber.  We have done several office installs including Google’s Head Office!

    • Inspire creativity
    • Healthy Fun
    • 1min-30 min activity
    • Team challenge / building
    • Doubles as a Multi-GYM
    • Space effective – only 8ft x 8ft required
    • No running costs
    • No specialist training required – suitable for everyone





    Need to revive your gym?

    • Ideal for Group Personal Training
    • Full body workouts in 30 mins
    • Attract Higher Value Revenue
    • Create unique “Climb Challenges”
    • Great for retention
    • Multiplier: Children’s and Office Parties

    Personal Training just got interesting!





    Where most fitness equipment occupies floor space, the space saving design of the Freedom Climber hugs a wall and has a foot print of 5.5 SF, compared to the average treadmill that has a footprint of 15 SF. The Freedom Climber will even fit in rooms with 8 foot ceilings (see bottom of page)


    This Freedom Climber was installed in a room with 8 foot ceilings. In such settings, the top angle piece is left off and the finish height is 94 inches.

    This photo also shows the distance the Freedom Climber extends out from the wall, which is 8 inches.

    Sample Installations


    Shopping Centres


    Create a destination and new experience you cannot experience on-line

    More time for Mum to think.

    Often parents are too distracted by their children needs or pester power… that they never get enough quality time to shop.  Ultimately the retailer losses out on the potential impulse sale as the parent’s attention is diverted to the child.  If you have a wall space 8ft x 8ft… we can help and create a new children’s bases activity and revenue driver.  Contact james@ntltp.com to explore further.


    Apartment Complex - Compact gym


    • Suitable for Children & Adults alike
    • Fun centre
    • Cool circuit training station offering full body  workout.
    • No Power or Maintenance Required




    A Climbing Wall for Everyone

    One of the best parts of our climbing wall is the controlled and contained area that it presents for your workouts. This makes it very safe because you never find yourself too far from the ground. This feature makes it ideal for kids as well, and kids absolutely love this climbing wall. They won’t even realize they are exercising!

    Because the Freedom Climber is contained in a small area, it allows it to be installed almost anywhere. Our video shows the Freedom Climber Climbing Wall installed in a bedroom on the show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”

    The video also demonstrates the ability to use the climbing wall for dual climbing. As one person travels up, keeping their weight distributed on one side of the wall, the second person traverses sideways or down, keeping in pace with the wall’s rotation.


    The Various Training Modes of this Climbing Equipment

    The 4 training modes of the Freedom Climber make it unique from any other climbing equipment you will find. The obvious one is the rotational climbing, which in itself provides many benefits by building strength, burning calories and improving coordination. But add in a couple components and soon you’ll be experiencing vertical training, suspension training and resistance training.

    The video demonstrates these specific workouts that our rotational climbing equipment wall offers. By making the wall more then just a rock climbing experience, it becomes a full body gym.

    The climbing mode allows you to use it’s standard rotation system to calculate how high you have traveled on a real rock wall while improving cardio, stamina, hand grip and a variety of other functions.
    It’s stationary vertical training allows you to use the wall without rotation to perform a variety of other workouts such as pullups or other jumping exercises.
    The suspension training uses the wall in it’s stationary position and adds a workout band to perform vital ground exercises such as, pullups,pushups, lunges or squats.
    Finally, use a resistance band to perform endless workouts for biceps, triceps, chest or legs.
    With all of it’s versatility the Freedom Climber offers a workout unmatched by any other climbing equipment.

    A few techniques to get you started…

    How to Use the Freedom Climbing Wall

    Our climbing exercise equipment offers a multitude of variety and conditioning for your workouts. This video explains how to use the Freedom Climbing Exercise Equipment to get the most out of your workout experience.

    The circular climbing wall can be split into the left side and the right side. When climbing on the left side, the climb is like a diagonal traverse going up and to the right, so the goal is to be grabbing that are up and to the right. When climbing on the right side the climb is like a diagonal traverse going up and to the left, so the goal is to be grabbing holds that are up and to the left.

    The holds on the Freedom Climber are either on the outer ring or the inner two rings. The speed can be adjusted from 1 to 10 with 10 being the fastest. It is best to start slow and get a feel for the rotation.

    To succeed in climbing and exercise you must anticipate the rotation of the Freedom Climber. Note that the climber will reach above him then immediately reach toward center. You must anticipate that the first grab will only stay with you for a moment. Grabbing holds directly above you only serve you for a second, then they are useless and you are left hanging. Always be reaching and grabbing holds toward the center or other side.

    Also, keep your feet under your weight. When climbing on the left side always focus on moving your feet toward 9 o’clock and when on the right side on moving your feet toward 3 o’clock. You no sooner step there and your feet are moving down toward the bottom. So there is a constant movement of stepping back up.

    Whether climbing on the right or left, your outside foot should step on the outer ring and your inside foot should step on the inner rings. Your outer foot should always step higher than your inner foot.

    When at the center there is no rotation. Shift your weight to either side and the surface rotates. There are two ways to control the rotational speed: by setting the speed control knob or by shifting your weight either toward or away from the center. The rotation slows as the climbers weight moves toward the center.

    You can also use only the outer holds for grabbing and stepping which provides a very predictable series of body movements. It is good to spend equal time on each side since each side works particular muscles.

    The Two Person Climb

    This is a very coordinated, team building experience and four actions make it possible:

    one person is climbing up (climber on the right)
    one person is climbing down (climber on the left)
    one person is keeping their weight on the edge (climber on the right)
    one person keeping the weight between the center and the edge (climber on the left)
    The Cross-Over

    The cross-over is a fun way to change directions and the video shows a left to right cross-over. The key moves are:

    work your way up prior to crossing over
    launch off your inside leg
    your outside hand grabs at 11 o’clock and your right hand extends to grab at 1 o’clock
    you swing over and land on the other side
    No matter how you use this climbing exercise equipment, just focus on the basics at first and then try different things as you progress, but always remember to just have fun!

    Take the Boredom out of gyms!  Fitness just became fun!

    The Fitness Guru, Michael Feigin explains the benefits of the Freedom Climber

    Alot of people ask me, “what is the biggest obstacle to getting results in the gym?” and I’ll tell them the biggest obstacle is boredom. People come in and they get bored out of their minds, and nothing happens. I have found something that is going to take the boredom right out of your workout. It is called the Freedom Climber, and it is the best machine I have seen in a long time. The Freedom Climber is an indoor climbing wall and the first thing that is amazing about is that it is only 8 1/2 feet tall, so it fits very comfortably in the basement of my Brooklyn gym. The second thing is it’s a turntable, so the wall actually moves as you climb. It is controlled by a very simple dial and it has this fantastic readout that will show you how quickly you are climbing, how many calories you’re burning. All of the pegs are like the pegs on any other climbing wall. They are adjustable and you can fix them as you want to. And lastly it comes with a suspension system so you can train yourself for strength training outside of rock climbing.

    Now you start very simply, with very simple climbs. You can lock the wheel so you can practice climbing up and down, climbing on angles, really start to get comfortable with the feel of the wall before you start to let it turn. You can also start to do cardio vascular exercises, very, very simple biometric exercises that will let you get a little stronger in terms of your climbing technique. These are brilliant exercises. I love putting them into boot camp intervals, I like making them part of high intensity interval training. It is a great way to break up a mundane routine and really gets the heart pumping. As you get a little more comfortable you can get a little more slick with your moves, a little more acrobatic, just so you can get comfortable with the idea of moving your feet around, and then it’s time to let the wall start to move. Now here is where it start to get complicated, because you can not check out the way you would on a treadmill. You have to be thinking what comes next, what am I going to do next? As the moves become more difficult, more complex, your thinking that much more, you’re getting that much more out of it.

    And finally when you’re done with all the climbing, you’ve got the suspension training; great suspension training which is so hot on the market right now. You can do all sorts of upper body and lower body exercises to help strengthen your body, improve flexibility and increase your muscular endurance so when you climb you have more to rely on. And then lastly, there is a whole series of abdominal exercises you can do with the suspension system, because what work-out is complete really without the opportunity to work your abs. That’s the freedom Climber. I mean honestly, can you imagine something more perfect in such a small space? Check it out and tell ’em the Fitness Guru sent you!


    Elevated Fitness

    The Freedom Climber is a rotating climbing wall that gives you a great elevated fitness and climbing workout in a controlled and safe area. Take the boredom out of your workout! The wall is
    not motorized, and is moved by the climber’s weight and movement. Other stationary workout routines can be performed as well as seen in the above video. It offers an endless supply of creative workouts that will hold your interest and keep working out new and fresh for beginners or seasoned enthusiasts.

    Ski Centre Dublin

    We find Freedom Climber great for both sheer fun – with kids parties – and a fantastic personal training station – allowing a “fun” full body workout in less than 30 minutes!

    Tennessee Tech University, Suzann Hensley – Assistant Director Campus Recreation

    I can not express how grateful I am to you for making the trek to Tennessee to install our climber. From the very beginning, you addressed my questions and concerns in a timely manner…….you brought to light issues that I had not even thought about. Through your communication and guidance, we were able to make a ‘not so perfect location’ the ‘perfect location’ for our climber. It looks as though it was made for that spot!!!!

    I am really impressed with the apparent quality of this piece of equipment. Easy maintenance and cleaning is definitely appreciated. The students are intrigued at this point as many have never seen anything like this. The ones that are into climbing are almost obsessed with it. Even with the most experienced climbers, this is a challenge both in skill and endurance. We may seriously be looking at a second Freedom Climber in the near future.

    Thank you Terry for all your help!!!

    Brandywine YMCA, Laura Schofield-Pierson – Senior Health and Wellness Director, YMCA of Delaware, Brandywine Branch

    The Freedom Climber was installed at the Brandywine YMCA in August 2011. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Adults and children alike love to use it. It is a challenging skill to learn and a great workout. It has been a hassle free piece of equipment which we really appreciate. Terry and his son did a professional job with the install as well as the training for our staff.

    As a Wellness Professional I would highly recommend the Freedom Climber.

    Harefield Academy, Pat Colins

    “Our pupils love using the Freedom Climber so much, we can’t get them off”

    “We have integrated it into our KS3 curriculum, underpinning fundamental skills”

    ‘I have worked at schools where we had high climbing walls, but they were underutilised because of the risks and the need for constant supervision. As soon as I saw the Freedom Climber video I realised the benefit to the academy in this simple and safe climbing system.’

    The Freedom Climber is mounted on the sports hall wall and is used as part of the PE classes and included in circuit training as one of the exercise stations. It requires minimal supervision and is safe for the children to use. Climbing is one of those innate activities we all love to do. Its great exercise for the children and they really enjoy climbing.

    Richard McMillan; CSCS Wellness Director, Community Recreation Center, Lancaster, PA

    To whom it may concern,
    I would like to let others know how valuable the Freedom Climber is in motivating youth to participate in physical activities, without really knowing that they are exercising. Our climber is used by members of all ages on a daily basis to challenge themselves or compete against friends. Also Personal Coaches and our Youth Programs use the climber as a group activity. You see youth sitting, watching and laughing at their friends as they take turns climbing. Often you will see youth getting their parents to watch “what they can do” as they climb; nevertheless, the parents find themselves attempting the climber also. The Freedom Climber is a great tool to have within our facility to give members a chance to challenge themselves in a different type of activity that you cannot find in a normal wellness facility.

    Clifford Health & Fitness Club – Nottingham

    Mark Clifford, owner said ‘ I installed the Freedom Climber to create a WOW factor, when showing new members around the club’ In the first weeks of opening I have been surprised by how popular it is with our members, especially our female members, who take it in turns and challenge each other to climb. It’s converted a spare wall under the stairs into an exciting and popular member interactive area.

    Ira Seth, Fitness Event Coordinator and Lead Personal Trainer, Marine Corp Base – Quantico, VA

    “It is easy to figure out, yet physically challenging at the same time”
    “We are getting a good mix of people, all ages and all builds are trying and enjoying the Freedom Climber”.

    Norbert G., General Manager, California Family Fitness, Rocklin, CA

    “Kids love it, Parents love it, We love it! Works great!”

    Basildon Academy

    Our aim was to create a cutting edge activity zone within the schools sports facilities to encourage our students to participate in sports. We choose the most innovative interactive products on the market to engage and excite the students. We chose Trixster bikes, Zig Zag dance mats and the Freedom Climber.

    The Freedom Climber has proved continually popular and is used as a team building exercise with children climbing in pairs to encourage controlled and coordinated exercise. It is also possible to set timed climbing challenges to encourage the children’s competitive nature.

    The Freedom Climber has proved so popular, the school is now creating a ‘COOL’ climbing zone using 4 Freedom Climbers and linked them with traverse walls and theming it to look like a mountain scene.

    Joey Scharlet, Facility Manager, Barber Fitness Center – Quantico, VA

    “We didn’t have enough space here for a climbing wall, but I saw the Freedom Climber and thought it will be a perfect fit”

    Dr. Edward Delia, Malta

    “The freedom climber is up and running and kids go mad for it”